People of Murree

Most hard core travelers, particularly foreigners, come up with some daisy character who came "offering them hashish, heroin, sledge, orsomething even more bizarre when they write about their travel experiences in Murree, perhaps in an effort to make their tales rich in adventure, absurdity and humour. Or they tell harrowing tales liketheir belongings stolen on gun point. Maybe they think this makestheir stories culturally more erudite. But in this very touristy area(and even during my other long hauls elsewhere), what I could come across are many kindnesses from any thing but ordinary people. I was overwhelmed by the consideration I was shown during my cross countrywalk by a humble and hospitable local Malik Nawab Khan, an ex serviceman, who offered me food. His home was in a deadbeat place, cluster ofa few houses on my way and away from any where. Exhausted, and wantingto rest my feet we settled for tea. That was one of the best and much needed hot cups of hot tea (with solid boiled eggs) that I took. Hehad told me to keep a lemon and suck on it while walking hard and longin hills. It gives strength and quenches thrust. He also said, "Tirethe mountain not yourself." I realize the folk wisdom in the advicesevery time I walk. And we still are in communication with each other.Malik Nawab remains another reason for me to visit the area more frequently.

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Rawalpindi Carnage

In a highly tragic incident 36 innocent people including 17 children, 10 civilian, 9 Army personnel embraced shahadat when terrorists attacked a mosque in Parade Lane, Rawalpindi. Reportedly 4 terrorists approached a mosque inside officers residential colony in Parade Lane, Rawalpindi Saddar and hurled grenades on Namazies followed by indiscriminate firing. Meanwhile two suicide bombers entered the Mosque and blew themselves killing 35 Namazies who were offering Jumma prayers. Security forces personnel in the area responded immediately and 2 other terrorists were killed in exchange of fire.

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Where is Harand Fort?

The Fort was originally built opposite historic Chachar Pass in Suleman Range to guard against the invaders. The fading signs of the edifice are still there in the forms of derbies and bricks scattered around the old site. Sikh Governor Sawan Mall used the material of the old fort rebuilt the Fort on a new location in 1831. Present structure of the Fort - a valuable part of our heritage - is situated about 25 kilometres west of sleepy and rustic town Dajal in district Rajan Pur. The Fort is spread over an area of 50 acres. The outer wall of whatever is left of it is one kilometre long and was made of thin red bricks. There are 16 pillars. Main entrance is in the west and another one is in the east. What ever is left of the fort is a clear evidence of its past, solidity of masonry and quality of construction.

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Change Has Come

Izea has made some major changes in their oldest paid posting system. Now has ceased to exist and has been replaced with InPostLinks. Their dashboard is much simpler now. The opportunity page carries six notes and one of them reads, "The blog post may not be about the advertiser or include any form of review, endorsement, or testimonial about the site or product listed." {With Thanks From Logic is Variable}

NRO Beneficiaries

The Government of Pakistan has released the list of National Reconciliation Ordinance aka NRO beneficiaries to the public. The list is not yet complete and the one available to media contains only 248 politicians and bureaucrats. Names of some of the NRO beneficiaries are given here for record.

1) Asif Ali Zardari - The beneficiary No 1 of the NRO. These cases included the alleged kickbacks from SGS PSI Company, grant of licence to ARY Gold causing huge loss to government, corruption in purchase of Ursus tractors under the Awami Tractor Scheme, illegal award of contract to Cotecna for pre-shipment, assets beyond means, received kickbacks from Sajjad Ahmad (late) ex-chairman Pakistan Steel Mills, illegal construction of Polo ground at PM House and the money laundering SGS Swiss case.

2) Nawaz Yousaf Talpur, ex-MNA and former minister, who was co-accused in URSUS tractors case;

3) Ms Nusrat Bhutto, assets case;

4) Ex-MNA and the PPP Secretary General Jehangir Badr, assets case and corruption in Sui Southern Gas Company;

5) Ex-minister for commerce and presently Defence Minister Ahmad Mukhtar, misuse of authority in issuing sugar export permit to non-entitled persons in 1994;

6)Ex-MNA Malik Mushtaq Ahmed Awan, embezzlement in Octroi contracts;

7) Ex-MNA Rana Nazir Ahmed, assets case and misuse of authority;

8) Ex-MPA Mian M Rashid, assets case and illegal appointments;

9) Ex-MPA Tariq Anees, assets beyond means;

10) Ex-MPA Mian Tariq Mehmood Dina, assets beyond means

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Thatta Internet Radio Station

Internet Radio is an audio broadcasting service transmitted via the Internet. Internet Radio involves a streaming medium that presents listeners with a continuous "stream" of audio. Internet Radio service is usually accessible from anywhere in the world. Internet radio is being used to offer news, sports, talks, and various genres of music like traditional radio stations. “People in the villages need information and Internet Radio Village Thatta will offer them what they need,” say Dr. Norbert Pintsch. Read here.

Happy Thanksgiving

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